Tourism is a sector that everyone likes. Every country or individual welcomes tourists. Everyone knows the value of tourism and tourists. Because of its charming advantages, there are tourism fairs being organized across the world. The aim of tourism fair organizations is to bring service providers (Hotels, Cruise Journey-Excursion organizers, Shopping) and tourism supplying Sale Agents together.

We as made it possible for service Providers and Sale Agents to come together on the same platform.  Eventually, those two are the real players in tourism. One supplies tourists and the other provides service for tourists.


Sale agents are the real source of tourists. Every tourist asks at least one sale agent for an offer before making his holiday decision. And usually, they ask the Sale Agent that they know personally.

In that case, Sale Agent's recommendation becomes more than a suggestion, becomes a very important suggestion. Where ever the Sale Agent recommends, the client will take. Because the client knows that Sale Agent will recommend places that he is sure is good.

The sale agent needs clients trust because the client is needed for next holiday too. The client doesn’t question through which tour Operator his holiday booking is made even. If the Sale Agent says it is good, then it is good.

In today’s tourism sector, it’s not unusual if a tour operator goes bankrupt and new ones appear on the market. But it’s quite unusual if Sale Agent disappears. They usually work with different tour operators. Every tour operator works with multiple Sale Agents of the country where they conduct the operation.

None of the tour operators have their own office everywhere (every city, village, shopping mall, etc.) and booking for their clients is almost 90% not made through their own offices. Their 90% of bookings are made by a Sale Agent that has nothing related to the tour operator. They work only.

The Tour Operator offers a certain percent of the total booking amount for each of their reservations. The Tour Operator doesn’t care about the reservation to where (country, destination) it is made to or to which particular Hotel. Also, Sale Agents are not allowed to make certain bookings –even when the Tour Operator organizes- such as excursion, shopping bookings, etc. at the holiday destination for their client's to make it more holiday unforgettable and earn booking commission from those additional activities.

The Tour Operator lets their own guides to take care of excursion/shopping bookings so they will earn its booking commission.

We made a unique online platform and made the two key players of tourism as users. They both can sign up free and upgrade to the users that they are in real. Each has a user dashboard accordingly and upgrading is automatically.

The two different users are Sale Agent and Service Provider. One is a tourist supplier (Sale Agent) and the other is the service provider (Hotelier, Cruise Journet-Excursion Organizer, Shopping). All tourism players are among those two users. Either as a tourist supplier Sale Agent or as a Service Provider. Even the tour operator is a service provider.

We made tourism services marketing online to tourist supplier Sale Agent directly. That enables service providers to make their marketing from their desktop to a wider range of clients. There is no need for fancy fair organizations.

They can make its services marketing to all sale agents who send clients to the entire destination. That creates an opportunity for Sale Agent to conduct booking to additional activities and earn its booking commission.

Sale Agent has the opportunity to conduct additional bookings for their clients at the destination during their holiday such as excursion, shopping bookings. Booking can be to the tour operators excursions even. Actually, it is even better for the tour operator to opening another commission earning gate to his Sale Agents. The Tour Operator has a team on the field to collect the booking payments before they meet street agents which steal their clients for excursions.

Secondly, the Sale Agent can earn another commission from Hotels too. It is not a secret that every hotelier wants the client to his hotel only. Every hotelier wants to prolong his tourism season. And every hotelier wants to conduct his hotel`s marketing to as many Sale Agents as possible. This is why tourism fairs are organized. With they can conduct their marketing any time they need. They can make marketing for individual clients as well as to collect client to his hotel via the tour operator that is working from each country.

Sale Agent can also organize shopping bookings to the most reliable shopping places for his clients if he is interested. With they will prevent their clients from being cheated by locals and also earn its booking commission. Let's be clear, clients are making enormous shopping during their holiday. From summer houses to jewels, leather and many other things they buy. So why Sale Agents shouldn’t conduct those bookings and increase their commission?

Heberi is deliberately developed to be in favor of all players such as Service Providers, Sale Agents and the Tour Operators in the tourism sector. Its main aim is to provide marketing advantage of whatever their product is to Sale Agents directly.

In Heberi context the tour operators are also considered as Service provider.  They can reach all registered Sale Agents too. But moreover, Tour Operator may ask Hotels to make his hotel marketing with their financial expenses, asking Sale Agents to make a booking to their hotel through the Tour Operator. That will reduce the number of tour operator's marketing costs dramatically. They can also reach any Sale agent online and get a booking from those who currently are not working with.

The tour operator already pays a commission for the reservation to any hotel. But now with Heberi, the hotel can add some from his end and make more advantageous for sale agents to recommend his hotel. When the tour operator asks the hotel to make his hotel marketing on his own, they will not receive complaints from hoteliers for bringing clients to other hotels but not his.

Another advantage for tour operators is placing their excursions on and ask Sale Agents to conduct excursion bookings, earn its commission too. So that Sale Agents will be more satisfied and will make more bookings. That is an advantage for the tour operator to receive his client's excursion bookings before they reach the destination. That will prevent some of his clients fro being stolen by other street agents. The tour operator already has a team on the field anyway to write the excursion booking tickets immediately when the client arrives or at hotel visit, as will know which clients made a booking.

Published: 13, May, 2020 By Mehmet TUNG
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