Professional Tourism Marketing?

If you plan to generate massive tourists to your hotel, there are various ways to conduct marketing. There is online marketing such as Google SEO, twitter, facebook and many other online channels that you can use as well as TV, newspapers, radios, etc as traditional media. All those channels are to generate more clients. One common point in all those channels is that you are trying to reach the client himself.

The cost of marketing varies from one to another. For example, for online marketing, you can set your cost per click and you can set the max amount to spend but for normal media such as TV, newspapers or radios the prices vary from one to another. Usually the advertising cost on, media is quite expensive.

But the cost is not the only challenge when conducting marketing on normal media. There are many other factors that may affect your marketing ROI. Let's call some of them:

Marketing with media is marketing to empty space.

Your marketing is to an empty space with normal or online media. Your advertising will be shown most likely when potential clients are not on mood for a holiday, incorrect timing, many other similar advertisings will be shown and yours will be forgotten already until the client plans his holiday booking.

The advertising will be shown when people are watching/reading something completely irrelevant to the holiday atmosphere.

People usually go on holiday with a Tour Operator and with your advertising on media it's not clear how the client can find.

It is clear to everybody that the vast majority of tourism business flows through Tour Operators. Tour Operators conduct vital services such as transportation, hotel arrangements, grand services, guiding, etc. during the client's vacation. Clients feel safe when traveling with a tour operator.

And tour operators work with booking agents to generate clients. No one has more clients than a booking agent has. Because booking agents are everywhere in the country. In every shopping mall, every street, village, etc. and every client planning a holiday asks at least a booking agent for the suggestion, offer, etc.

Booking agents are independent companies and each booking agent woks with multiple numbers of Tour Operators. Tour Operators cant skip a booking agent because the source of the client is the booking agent. The better booking agent network means more clients for the tour operator.


New Tourism Platform: is a new online booking & marketing platform that brings hotels and booking agents together as two different users. It is now possible to conduct hotels marketing directly to booking agents without tourism fairs. The booking agents are not unreachable any longer with There is no need for expensive, fancy tourism fairs for tourism marketing anymore. Eventually, the tourism fair's aim is to bring booking agents and hotels together. Now with hotelier can reach them anytime from his desktop.

The agent may recommend the hotel to his client when comes to a holiday booking when already on the mood of the holiday and decided. It is also possible with to offer an extra commission to the booking agent if he recommends and makes a booking. Booking Agent gets a commission from the tour operator anyway and that is for booking to any hotel. But we all know that every hotelier wants the client to his hotel only. So by offering an extra commission to the booking agent, the hotelier can make something for his hotel only. The Booking Agents recommendation is vital for the client's final decision.

The booking doesn’t need to be direct booking such as for a client buying his flight ticket and go on his own. The marketing can be for bookings via the tour operator too that the hotel works with but to his hotel, not to the neighboring hotel.

In that case, the hotelier can draw his hotel's destiny by making its marketing and redirecting clients via the tour operator. Booking Agent can find any tour operator operating from his country easily. No Tour Operator will say NO to any booking agent at all when the booking agent has a client.

The extra commission definition, it`s rate, etc are all set by the hotel owner himself. If the extra commission is set and received booking bases on extra commission, the commission payment needs to be done online through PayPal payment system (from his PayPal account or with a direct credit card) and the latest 24 hours from the client's check-in date for each booking.

Published: 21, Nov, 2019 By Mehmet TUNG

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