Sales Agents are the key part of the tourism business. They know clients and they make bookings to everywhere. Clients take any hotel that is recommended by the sale agent.
Whenever the client faces a problem during his holiday, the first thing he wants to do is, he wants to contact the Sale Agent who made his booking and asks him to help to resolve the issue. Because the client knows that the Sale Agent will have more power over Tour Operator than himself.
Its because the Sale Agent is the source of clients. The Sale Agent has more clients to come and the Tour Operator can not skip Sale Agent's demand, will take care when Sale Agent asks.
Tour Operators need the Sale Agent network desperately. They collect clients via Sale Agents. The better the Sales Agents network you have, the more clients you will have. Power of Tour Operators bases on how good the Sale Agents network they have. So they cant skip any Sale Agent.
Tour Operator is a vital player in the tourism business. They organize clients bookings, transportation, guiding, etc. They make a contract with Hotels for accommodation, flight-bus companies for transportation, personal for guiding, etc. They bring the product to Sale Agent for bookings. Sale Agent can make a booking to a hotel that is in the Tour Operators products.
One thing to be kept in mind is, all communication between parties must go through Tour Operator. Tour Operator does not allow the Sale Agent to have direct contact with Hotels, does not make individual marketing of any hotel that is even in their portfolio.
They usually don’t allow the Hotel to have a contract with another Tour Operator from the same country even. They practically become the monopoly of tourists from the country where the Tour Operator operates. The Hotel does not have a chance to make its own marketing even.
We broked the traditional rules in tourism.

We made Hotel and Sale Agent meet on the same platform as two different users. The two players can directly contact each other. One can make his Hotel marketing directly to the other.
We made it possible for the hotelier to prepare his hotel's professional advertising and send to thousands of Sale agent worldwide online.
We made it possible for the hotelier to clarify the tour operator from each country that he is working with so that Sales Agents in that country can know through which tour operator they can find the hotel.
We made it possible for the hotelier to offer an extra commission to the sales agent if his hotel is recommended and booking conducted even with the tour operator.
We made it possible for the hotelier to make his hotel's marketing from his desktop without Fair Organizations.
We made it possible for Sale Agents to organize extra activity bookings such as excursions and shopping bookings for their clients during their holiday too, to make their holiday unforgettable so they will come back for the next holiday organization and increase Sale Agents booking commission higher.

We simply changed traditions in tourism marketing.

Published: 26, Jul, 2019 By Mehmet TUNG

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