HEBERI is a new Online Marketing Platform for touristic activities among tourism professionals (the Service Provider, and the Client-provider agents). HEBERI brings the two parts of Tourism (the Service Providers and Client Provider Agents) to have direct contact with each other.

The Service Provider makes his services marketing directly to client provider agents. He clarifies for agent how he can send clients. Which Tour Operator is authorized for his Hotel if the client prefers traveling with a Tour Operator? Alternatively, which airport is the nearest, how far is to his Hotel, what is the easiest transfer way for from/to his hotel, its cost, etc. if the client prefers to travel without Tour Operators.

We believe, there isn`t any better way to reach clients than the Agents.
What is new with HEBERI?
HEBERI offers various new advantages to all Tourism Professionals that are not available elsewhere. Every user has something to gain with HEBERI. For example, the Hotel Owner makes his hotel's direct marketing to Agents who make clients Hotel booking whether via Tour Operators or individually. Hotelier doesn`t need to wait for fairs or for the Tour Operator to make his hotel's marketing. He can do it by himself 7/24 from his desktop and clarify the Tour Operator that is authorized for his Hotel in the agent's country.
On the other hand, Agent finds the opportunity to receive another booking commission from the Hotel apart from what he receives from the Tour Operator for the same hotel booking. As we all know, every Hotel Owner wants clients to his Hotel only and some of them offer an extra commission if his Hotel is recommended and booked. 

Also, the Agent finds the opportunity to make excursion and shopping bookings from his desktop for his client's holiday time at any holiday destination they go on holiday and receives its booking commission too.
Remember, the vast majority of clients going on holiday are traveling with Tour Operators. However, for the Tour Operator, it is not important, to where or which hotel the client will go on holiday. With HEBERI, the hotelier makes his hotel's marketing by his own to agents without needing to wait for expensive fair organizations.
He clarifies which Tour Operator is authorized in the agent’s country for bookings. He can also offer an extra commission to Agent for every booking if he will recommend and make the booking to his hotel.
We know that the Agent is the person who has direct contact with the client before the holiday. The Agent makes holiday booking for the client via different Tour Operators, to different destinations, countries, hotels. His recommendations are valuable for the client. This is why we made online hotel marketing directly to agents available.
Tourism is a holiday, relaxation for clients but it is an enormous business for others. Everyone wants clients to his Hotel, shop, tour, etc. And the agent is the one making the booking for the client everywhere for a holiday. If you want clients whether with or without a tour operator, you should make marketing to agents. This is what we made available.
Whose are Heberi users? Are HEBERI services paid?
Tourism Professionals (Booking Agent and Service Provider (Hotel, Excursion Organizers, and Touristic Shopping)) are the users of Heberi. HEBERI is a free and user-managed system. There is no signup, usage payment, etc. required.
What is the difference between HEBERI and other Online Booking Platforms?
There are significant differences between the existing online booking websites and Heberi. Some of them are:

-Existing Online Platforms are focused on the accommodation booking only. Heberi is focused on marketing and booking for the entire Tourism system such as Hotel booking, Excursions Booking, Cruise Journey & Round Trip Bookings and Shopping Bookings at holiday destinations. Via Heberi, marketing of excursions and shopping places, as well as booking to shopping & excursions are also available.

-Existing Online Platforms are focused on the client making bookings to the hotel by himself.  With HEBERI, the agents make bookings for his clients. We believe the vast majority of holiday system flows through Tour Operators operation and likely to continue for a very long time. Tour Operators provide vital services and those services can`t be done otherwise. Since the holiday organization likely will flow through Tour Operators, the Tour Operator will keep working with agents inevitably. It`s nearly impossible for any tour operator to have own office and personnel at every corner of the entire country where they operate from. 

The Agent is the person that is meeting the client before the holiday. His recommendations are important for clients Holiday decisions.

This why we brought Agents and Service Providers in direct contact, made Online marketing to Agents available, made the Service Provider paying an extra commission (optional) to agents available. Moreover, we made all those services and much more available online.

List Your Hotel on Top of others;
Thake your Hotel among many others to privileged and on top, make it visible for receiving more bookings by implementing RECOMMENDED. That will make your hotel earlier appearing comparing others that are not RECOMMENDED at any search by Booking Agents.

Is HEBERI a competitor to Tour Operators?
No. HEBERI cannot be called a competitor to Tour Operators. Instead, it`s more correct definition would be online support to Tour Operators operation for marketing and reaching to booking agents.
Are there advantages that the Tour Operator gets with Heberi and if so what type of user should be?
The Tour Operators generate various advantages with HEBERI. For example, they may leave the holiday marketing to hoteliers. Every hotelier will make his hotel`s marketing with his payment to agents, clarify the Tour Operator that is authorized for bookings. The Tour Operator will collect bookings that are generated by hotels only.

By leaving marketing to hoteliers, the Tour Operator will be free of marketing expenses. Hotels will make their marketing and they will make it more often. Eventually, Service Providers live with clients. The Tour Operator may focus on expanding operations to new destinations.

The Tour Operator will be out from hotelier's complaints about not bringing clients to his but to others around. The Tour Operator can easily say, "You generate client, we will bring them"
The Tour Operator may open his excursion bookings at the holiday destinations to Agents so that agents to make them too together with hotel bookings, which will increase the agent's earnings. That will increase excursion sales and will prevent his clients from being stolen by pirate excursion organizers at the destinations.
It will increase the client-provider agent's income and eventually agents will be eager to make bookings for more clients.
What advantages the HOTEL OWNER has with Heberi?
For Hoteliers, it is not important through which channel the client comes however the preferred way is through Tour Operators. With HEBERI, the hotel owner collects clients to his hotel via the Tour Operator. Having a million USD Hotel but only waiting for clients to come is painful. Especially not having any interference with its marketing. Moreover, you do not know what is told about your Hotel and have no idea why clients don`t prefer yours. Perhaps some clients want to come to yours, but someone is saying the Hotel is full when half of the rooms at your hotel are available at that time. On the other hand, perhaps someone is using some other lies about hotel services. The massive number of clients come through Tour Operators but hotel owner has no impact to increase.
With HEBERI, the hotel owner makes his hotel's marketing to agents from his desktop and ask them to recommend his hotel via the Tour Operator. He clarifies the authorized Tour Operator for bookings at the agent’s country.  He does not need to wait for fancy/expensive fair organizations. Agents can find the authorized Tour Operator easily.

Remember, the Tourism Fairs are being organized to bring the Agents and Service Providers together. With HEBERI, we made it online. Not only 7/24 contact and marketing to booking agents are available but also offering an extra commission for bookings even if the booking is via the Tour Operator is possible. Hoteliers draw his destiny on his own with HEBERI.

How does the marketing system work with HEBERI?

HEBERI has two different users, the Service Provider, and Client Provider Agents on the same platform. They have direct contact with each other. That enables one making the marketing of his service to the other part which provides clients. The two users are different and one can't do what another can. This is why upgrading account to the correct user is very important.

The service provider online prepares his services advertising from his property predefined settings such as its info, images, price, etc. and sends directly to agents of the country that he wants. The advertising instantly appears on the agent's account. The number of agents that the advertising will be delivered to is visible for each country. So Property Owner can see how many agents will receive his advert. The agent can view the remaining details of the property by clicking its details.

Is preparing Advert complicated?
No, it is not complicated. We developed the marketing in the easiest way that every user can overcome by his own, which will not need computer or marketing expertise. He will select the most eyecatching images, facility - features only. Templates are ready and each has a certain number of images to handle. The rest will be picked from the property predefined settings. Here is a tutorial for online marketing to agents.

What advantages the Agent have with HEBERI?
The Agent is the key person for the client's holiday booking in terms of where, which particular hotel, etc. Because he is almost the only one that the client knows before the holiday. Also, he is the only one that the client is sure will find after his holiday
HEBERI`s mission is to increase the booking agent's earnings from the client's holiday. Everybody wants clients; make money from him but the Agent is the one who earns the least. We changed the traditional tourism workflow. Here is what we made for booking agents:


The Agent gets another booking commission from the Hotel apart from what he receives from the Tour Operator. Therefore, his holiday booking earning is doubled with Heberi.

The Agent makes bookings to excursions that are organized at the holiday destination where the client goes on holiday for his holiday time. There are pirate excursion organizers anyway and the vast majority of clients brought by the Tour Operator are going with them for excursions. If booking agents can make excursion bookings too, they will make it before the client seeing any pirate organizer at the holiday destinations.

The Agent makes bookings to shopping places at the destination with HEBERI. Some clients purchase a summerhouse at the destination or buying jewels during his holiday. Why not prevent them from being cheated and get its booking commission? They will make shopping whether the agent makes the booking or someone else makes.

All those available new bookings with HEBERI increases the agent’s earning. The agent can view what the service provider offers before making the booking. To view what the Service Provider offers, he should have a SALE AGENT account and check the services while logged in as SALE AGENT. He will see the commission OFFER by its service provider for each booking.

Can an agent send clients without a Tour Operator?

Of course, he can. Eventually, we gathered Service Providers and Client Provider Agents together on one online marketing platform. Because we know that every service provider wants clients. And it is not necessary from where or through which channel the client comes. On the other hand, we also know that the only way to reach a massive number of clients is via agents. There is no way to approach a massive number of clients without agents.  Nobody has more clients than agents.

But we also know that the marketing will not work for Service Providers if, the client sender agent can`t make bookings and have nothing to earn. This is why we made hotels, excursions, shopping bookings available so that service providers marketing will get its return on investment.

Overall when an agent makes booking through HEBERI, an internal message automatically drops to sender agents and service providers inbox starting with the BK-NO. This is direct internal messaging between the agent who conducted booking and the receiver service, provider. Any part replying to this message is sending a direct message to the other part. Each part can ask questions to the other side through that message, but this correspondence must end within 24 hours. Unless manually approved, every booking will be automatically rejected 24 hours after the booking has been conducted by the agent.

With HEBERI, no automatically approved booking is received. Every received booking is only a booking request only. Every booking request becomes real booking with Service Providers manual approval only. There is no way to undo the approval.

How the commission is paid? How the recipient receives it?
In terms of commission payment and payment receiving, HEBERI works with PayPal. Payments cannot be sent via bank wire transactions and are not received to the user's bank accounts directly. Payments are conducted online through the PayPal payment system. The agent`s commission is sent to his PayPal account only that is inserted to PayPal User Email under his profile
Is HEBERI complicated? Is there user manual, info tooltips, tutorials? How can we get help if needed?
We built HEBERI as user-friendly as possible. However, it is a marketing platform for different users, properties, etc. It is inevitably a bit of complex development. There are User Manuals for different users at their dashboard, help tooltips at every point and tutorials wherever needed. We believe it is easy to use. The entire platform is developed in eight languages however, seven of them are inactive currently and English is the only active language. We will translate and activate as fast as we can.

Published: 16, Feb, 2020 By Mehmet TUNG
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