Not only in tourism but also for the entire business workflow, marketing is the key thing. For a consumer, it is not possible to know what you have unless you introduce it.
Tourism is just one business sector only. It is very simple. The client comes as tourists to explore your country, destination, etc. Spend money during his visit and eventually goes back. For his visit, there are certain services that inevitably he will need such as accommodation, meals, etc. And if he wishes he may attend other activities, make shopping and eventually for each of those services he will pay for it. Simply everybody wants tourists.

But to get the client to visit, you need to make marketing. There is tough competition in the market and everybody knows the value of tourists.

Traditionally only one way has been implemented for tourism marketing for decades and frankly, that worked very well. Since the competition becomes tougher and tougher every day, the marketing need increases too. The biggest challenge is the nature of workflow that has worked well until now is, some major players in the tourism business don't change their behavior. Because their way of behaving is their asset. The players involved in tourism are Client, Booking Agent, Tour Operator, Service Provider. 95% of people going on holiday choose traveling with a tour operator. Tour Operators provide transportation, hotel services, guiding services, necessary services when things go wrong, etc. At the end of the day, the tourism business can not be conducted without Tour Operators.
But technology has evolved and we built a totally new system to ease the marketing challenge in the tourism business. Our system's way of work is to enable easy (without technical help need from others) marketing to booking agents 7/24 without traditional fairs organizations and to collect clients via Tour Operators to your hotel. We know that Tour Operators are vital players but we also think their way of behaving as a monopoly is unfair for service providers. Tour Operator need a hotel as much as the hotel needs client. Our system does not solve an ethical problem only but also resolves the vast majority of the Tour Operator`s marketing problems too. With our system, Tour Operators may leave the marketing to service providers and focus on other issues.
How tourism marketing currently works and what are the problems?
Marketing is mainly conducted via fairs in tourists supplying countries a few times a year. The Hoteliers gather together with client provider Booking Agents. Hoteliers print their brochures, posters, deliver it to as many booking agents as they can within a tight time frame. They advertise it to agents and expect the agent to do the same when clients come to recommend it when the client asks. Because everybody knows that, agent's suggestion is vital for the client's decision-making in terms of choosing a hotel for a holiday.


There are a countless number of problems at this point and you can`t overcome most of them with traditional marketing. Here are some of those problems and you can see at the end how we resolved them for you.

Apart from fairs organization time frame, you will not meet the Booking Agents who make a booking for clients via Tour Operators to make your hotel marketing. Your Tour Operator will never allow you to reach the Booking agents that are making bookings from the country where clients come from. Only Tour Operators can reach them. In that case, the only way is to accept conditions that are dictated by the Tour Operator. Because even if you cancel the contract with the current Tour Operator and start working with another, the new one will dictate similar conditions. This is the principle of Tour Operating companies.


Another possible problem; the Booking Agent that you meet during the fairs may not work with the same Tour Operator for your market. This means, your hotel is not in the Tour Operators portfolio that agent is working for your market at all. In that case, there is no way for him to find your hotel at all for bookings.

Another possible problem; assuming the agent made an investigation and somehow found the tour operator that works with your hotel. Why should he choose yours to recommend instead of many others? Eventually, the tour operator pays him a certain percentage of commission from every hotel’s price. Therefore, there is no difference between yours and others from his perspective. Will he get a higher percentage if he recommends yours?

Another possible problem; fairs are very limited in terms of timeframe, organization numbers per year, and coverage. Each fair covers the city and a few of its surroundings where it is organized only. Never expect a traditional fair to have booking agents to attend from across the country where it is organized. However, you need clients regardless of where they come from. Therefore, you need to approach as many booking agents as possible.

Aren`t there other ways to find clients?

There are online booking companies such as, Trivago, Expedia, etc. which nearly every hotel is registered on. Every hotel has its own website. Every hotel has direct contact details such as email, WhatsApp, phone, etc. For a client to find a hotel to make a direct booking, there are gigantic search engines such as Google, Yahoo, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, there are even bigger problems with those tools for marketing.

Search engines (SEO) & Social Media (SEM): There you can make your marketing to end-user with a relatively low amount per click. But SEO & SEM marketing are too sophisticated systems and require advanced expertise which you need to pay a high fee for it to conduct correctly. Otherwise, your marketing may end without any ROI at all. Additionally, you may set SEO & SEM with a little amount per click but comes to an enormous amount in total. Because it will be shown to every user that is among the audience with your predefined criteria and each click will costs you money.

At the end of the day, SEO or SEM marketing comes very expensively for the hotelier. Hoteliers do not reach those who have many clients and whom a massive number of clients ask for suggestions, who make a massive number of client’s holiday arrangements with SEO or SEM. They try to reach the client himself directly. Reaching the client himself is the ultimate goal but the method you use to reach the client may be very expensive. This is what exactly happens, with marketing via search engines or social media.

In terms of Online Booking companies, hoteliers don't have any impact at all to make the client to choose his. Not even when the client comes to make a booking. Through online booking companies, the hotelier is not able to reach the client at all. They are not developed for the hotelier to reach the client. They operate vice versa. The only way is, you need to make your marketing through some other channels (SEO, SEM, newspaper, TV, etc.) and expect him to find you among many others.

HEBERI: The brand new way of marketing!

Now that time and technology have evolved, we made radical changes in tourism marketing. Here are our solutions that are unique with HEBERI:

-We built a system that booking agents are also users together with hoteliers on the same platform. With our system, booking agents from across the globe are one click away to reach. Booking Agents are those who meet multiple clients. They are everywhere. Every shopping mall, every village, every street, etc.

-We built an easy to use marketing system that every hotelier can use 7/24 from his desktop on his own without technical help from others. There are professional ready templates. Only a few eye-catching images, facility & features need to be selected. The rest is a system built and is ready to go.

-We built a Marketing System that marketing is direct to booking agents who each have a massive number of clients. With our marketing system, there is no pay per click that will come to an enormous amount, in the end, there is no need to wait for fairs organizations. With our  Marketing System, Hotel Owner can set his hotel RECOMMENDED, when the booking agent searches a hotel for his client. The recommended stamp will make his hotel privileged listed on appearance at every level. That will eventually make it to receive more bookings.

-We built a Marketing System that hotelier will not make marketing for individual clients only but will clarify the authorized Tour Operator in each country so agents in that country will know which Tour Operator to contact when the client prefers traveling with a tour operator. The hotelier can offer an extra commission (optional) if the agent recommends for bookings.

-We built a Marketing System that Tour Operators may leave the marketing to hoteliers. With our system; it is not the Tour Operator to find clients for the hotel; hotels can find clients for the Tour Operator.  Each hotel can make its marketing and collect booking agents for the Tour Operator.

-We built a system that, Tour Operators can open their excursion at the holiday destination to booking agents to make its bookings from his desktop. That will increase the booking agent's income who so far makes clients holiday booking only.

-With our system, the client does not make payment for bookings. Clients make payment to the service provider at the check-in only. This to protect the client's credit card details from being stolen for fraud.

-With o
ur system, the client's personal and contact details are visible only when the booking is approved by the Service Provider. The client's name and his contact details will not open/visible by them unless the booking is approved.

Published: 31, May, 2020 By Mehmet TUNG

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